The Secret to How the Japanese Keep Their Feet Warm in the Winter Is Out, and You Wouldn’t Believe How Simple It Is…

18/07/2024 | by Elizabeth Banister

SUMMARY: The Japanese are the masters of the house slipper. Everyone in that country has at least one pair, and their public buildings offer them too. But this time it’s different. A Tokyo startup has decided it was time to innovate and take the house slipper into the 21st century, and the whole world should know about it!  You can now get Your HyperShoes 50% off and with Free Delivery. 

Do you hate your old house slippers that are stained with everything from coffee to soda and soup? Are you constantly baffled by how they manage to tear and wear out after barely one winter of use? Do you want to be comfy and warm this winter? Well then you’d really want to hear about these new Japanese slippers. They are the answer to all your problems.

You came back from work. It was raining outside. Your shoes are covered in mud. You carefully take them off at the entrance. And now comes the dilemma. Do you put on those formerly good old slippers you had that are now just a glorified sole, with a hole, or do you try your luck with several layers of socks? Either one you choose, your legs will be freezing today.

Woe is us. Time to go buy some new slippers and wait till they too get squished and torn and worn out of recognition.

But hold up! Before you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result, there might be a different way…


A Different Kind of Slipper

They call them the HyperShoes. They are the brainchild of some rising innovative stars in the shoe making world of Tokyo, which is brutally competitive as it is, and only comes to show how extraordinary these slippers are, in a country that is literally full of them.

They took everything people appreciate about regular house slippers, dialed it up to 11 and added more on top. The result is the most comfortable and practical slipper ever made that makes sure its wearers are warm and free from worry about getting their feet wet or slipping over a freshly cleaned floor.

Winter is coming after all. And we honestly were those types of people who ground their old slippers into dust, so we had to take a look at these.


What Makes Them So Special?

In the west, the art of making house slippers is really a neglected one. But no so in Japan. In Japan slippers are pretty much mandatory in every home. And the Japanese have become the masters of this craft over generations.

But even with that said, the HyperShoes are revolutionary even for them. The outside is coated in a water repelling layer that is completely water proof, while the inside is covered in nice comfy fuzz to keep you warm. The bottom is just as cutting edge, utilizing the most advanced designs to make the sole as anti-slip as humanly possible. The materials are so durable that they are actually perfectly fine as outdoor shoes too.

One of our office members actually forgot she was wearing them as she went home, so we made her sit down and detail why they are so amazing as penance:

Warm and comfy with high quality inner padding and sole

Waterproof exterior

Revolutionary anti-slip sole design for maximum safety on even the slipperiest of surfaces

Highly durable materials that will make the HyperShoes last a long time, even if you wear it outdoors, which you can

Ergonomic and comes in all sizes from the tiniest of feet to the largest

Stylish design with a variety of color options so you can match them to any outfit

We already got pairs of these for every staff member and began to implement a Japanese like policy of switching to the slippers when you enter the office. The only problem is reminding people to take them off as they leave, because they’re too comfortable! On the plus side, we no longer need to put up “slip warning” signs after cleaning.


How Much do the HyperShoes Cost?

Alright, you say, we’ll bite. These slippers sound amazing. But how much will the cutting edge of Japanese slipper making cost us? A lot, right? Surprisingly, no. The regular retail price of the HyperShoes is a mere € 98, which is more than fair for a pair of what is essentially a pair of very comfy, all-purpose shoes. But it gets better. The makers didn’t want to just stick with the Japanese market. They wanted the whole world to know about these, and so the global launch of the HyperShoes is accompanied by a massive 50% off sale and free international shipping! You can now get your pair of HyperShoes for just € 49.

The HyperShoes quite simply, live up to their name. They are extremely comfortable, durable enough to serve as an outdoor shoe, and they come in so many colors and sizes that really, anyone can find a good fit. Go get them while they’re still on sale!


But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! These People Loved the HyperShoes:

“God I love these slippers so much. They’re like crocks, except like, better in every way, and for winter. So fuzzy and nice and you can spill you whole coffee on them and wipe it off like nothing happened. I love them.”

“I got them a couple of weeks ago and practically haven’t taken them off since. I go around the house, I go to the supermarket, they are just that easy to wear and comfortable. The size was just right too! 10/10”

“Do you know how annoying winter can get with chronically cold feet? Very. Ok? Very. Until now I’ve been wearing literal wool boots. Boots that are just a chunk of wool with a sole. They were super warm but they get worn out really fast from regular use. These new slippers though… my gut tell me they are going to last me a long, long time.”


Conclusion: Should You Get the HyperShoes?

Seriously do you like wearing slippers that fall off and do nothing to keep away the cold floor? Yes. 100%. Get the HyperShoes. They are by far the best slippers we’ve ever seen. Comfortable, anti-slip, warm, and on a massive sale! Get them fast before the sale ends!


  • Soft durable materials that last
  • Comfy and lightweight
  • Slip resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Available in so many colors and sizes


  • Supplies are very limited, may be running out of stock soon


How Do I Get the HyperShoes?

Now that you know you don’t have to suffer the cold hard floor on your feet ever again, your feet must be itching to try a pair, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering original HyperShoes from the official website here.
  2. Put them on, feel the comfort, and never have to worry about slipping ever again.

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